Richardson Log Homes

“We have no words for what a wonderful company Richardson Log Homes has been! This is a dream come true. Rebecca is very patient, Lance is amazing and explains everything. I am so thankful we found them and now have a beautiful log home unlike anything I have seen before!”

– Kim and Jeromy

Building Log Homes in Central Oregon

“Lance and Rebecca are absolutely wonderful to work with! They have been extremely helpful throughout this whole process from the first phone call to our current stage . The craftsmanship that Lance builds the house with is amazing, you can tell this house will stand the test of time. The size of the logs makes it feel like a grand lodge. I knew from the first moment talking to Lance and seeing his work for the first time, Richardson Log Homes is who I wanted to build our forever home. Not only do we have and absolutely beautiful home we have made some great friends!”

– Scotty & Tina Grucza

Building Log Homes in Central Oregon

“We are so pleased with our experience with Richardson Log Homes. Lance has tremendous expertise and is a credible craftsman. We were able to watch the progression of the logs, from the time they arrived at the log yard, to the peeling, scribing, and assembling of the cabin.

An absolutely amazing process to take part in and giving us a great appreciation for how much skill and physical hard work is involved.

In addition, Lance and Rebecca are personally caring and interesting people and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for our beautiful home!”

– Gary and Jill Abbott

Building Log Homes in Central Oregon

“From the moment I drove into Lance’s log yard and saw what he was working on, I knew I was in the right place. I had looked at several other log home companies, but their homes looked factory made and I wanted my home to look hand made and real. I loved the hand drawn logs and the beauty of the wood. Lance did such a great job. I would highly recommend him.”

– Suzi Wilson, Gilden Lodge

Log Home Restoration in Central Oregon

“Thank you for the wonderful job Lance did with the chinking on our Log Cabin. Every time we are outside we admire the finish work and we are so proud of your attention to detail. We wonder what took us so long to do the chinking. Richardson Log Homes was the first business we called and Rebecca and Lance came within a couple of days. You were so eager to meet with us and get the job done within our busy summer schedule, that is hard to find in a business today. Lance was very informative on how to preserve the character of log homes and I followed up on his suggestion and coated the ends of the logs with log end sealer. I also ordered some timber pro topcoat finish to complete and protect our now beautifully chinked log home. Thank you again!”

– Paul and Daria

Building Log Homes in Central Oregon

“After retirement I wanted to build a log home. I bought my log home from Richardson Log Homes and I am so happy for making that decision.
The logs are beautiful! The logs are one of the first things that people notice when they walk into my home. Lance is a professional and he was good at answering my questions.

I would not hesitate to highly recommend Lance and his company. If you are thinking of building a log home, you should see what Lance has to offer. Thank you Lance and Rebecca Richardson”

– Connie Hinds

Building Log Homes in Central Oregon

“Lance and Rebecca are a rare and unexpected gift. There are very few companies you work with these days that you know right from the start that you don’t have to worry about your investment, but Richardson Log Homes is one of these few exceptions.

We always knew we wanted a log home but even after we had looked at many of the log homes they all seemed to be the same. Milled logs are nice but we were looking for something special. Once we drove out to the Richardson’s property and laid our eyes on the structures that Lance was creating we knew we had found what we had been looking for. But what Lance and Rebecca have done for us completely, 100% surpassed our expectations. The quality of these log homes is amazing!!! Lance builds these homes by hand (like, literally!) and is tougher and harder working than even my own husband (and that’s saying a lot!).

In addition the quality, Richardson Log Homes customer service experience totally surpassed any expectations we had… and we can be pretty picky! Both Lance and Rebecca have held our hand through this process, making the decision to build our log cabin so easy and stress-free – we can’t even fully put it into words. Replying to endless questions and texts throughout the process… they have both been truly fabulous.

And, the logs they use for their homes are the BEST. Huge, beautiful logs… incredible. Lance hand-draws each log and his attention to detail is meticulous. He has been there for every step of this process. There are a lot of builders that show up to get paid and then disappear, but there are very few that not only follow through with what they’ve promised, but totally over-deliver. Additionally, Lance personally completes the construction process as well as the re-assembly of each home. He gave way more of his time and energy than we could have ever expected. He and Rebecca are one in a million.

If you have a dream to build a log home like we did, please PLEASE contact Lance and Rebecca first. I promise they will give you the home of your dreams! They go out of their way to make sure you get exactly what you want, while also making you feel comfortable and treating you like family.

Thanks so much to you both for your amazing quality, availability and warm friendship – we feel so lucky to have found you guys!!!”

– Tom & Shanna Snell

“Lance and Rebecca were amazing to work with, very professional and responsive. In addition they were knowledgeable and are experts in restoring and maintaining log homes. We are so incredibly pleased with their work and the finished look of our log home. We would highly recommend them.”

– Don and Sally Walcott