Are you ready for winter?

Should you be concerned about the condition of your logs and log siding? Absolutely! There is so much more to log home care than you realize. Issues such as rot, insect infestation, settling, chink deterioration, shifting, and more are things to be aware of. In addition to building homes, Richardson Log Homes specializes in Inspections, Consultation, Restoration, and Maintenance.

Wondering if your home needs maintenance?

Richardson Log Homes can schedule a site visit to your home to inspect, consult and make recommendations. We follow our site visits with a full detailed report of our findings and cost estimate per client request.

If you are a potential buyer looking to purchase a log home, we are the professionals you need to make sure your log home investment is safe and fully sound.

Our seasoned professional log home inspectors carry the wealth of knowledge necessary to provide our clients with a thorough educated examination.

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Log Home Restoration in Central Oregon

Procrastination can be expensive when it comes to maintaining your Log Home. Be sure to keep a good finish on your log home. Logs exposed to the elements are vulnerable to decay. If you don’t have time, we can do it for you! We offer Log Home Restoration and Maintenance services

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